Spintires, a different car game.


Not everyone might be looking for speed like in a racing game, or driving from point A to point B like in Euro Truck Simulator, but maybe they might be looking for an off-road challenge. This challenge could be Spintires, where you also need to go from point A to point B, but you can’t just drive there, because there […]

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Far Cry 4


Recently (24th of December 2014) something in my computer went wrong. Hard drives was suddenly detected as upside down Yen symbols, with a circle on, or as @ @ @ @ in the entire length of the monitor. BIOS was just showing WAIT on the monitors, and nothing ever happened, so it was time to do an upgrade. For my […]

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Vesper bill of materials


Since I already got a few mails about how much it would cost to make one of my Vesper boards, I have put a list together of the parts needed for it. Quantity Description Name 2 Relays (HK19F-DC5V-SHG) 3 Terminal blocks 2 pole 1 SD card connector 2 RJ11 connectors 1 Voltage regulator (MCP1702T-3302E/MB) 1 100KΩ resistor R5 4 10kΩ resistors […]

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Weather Station pole mounting

2014-10-10 16.51.44 (Large)

Ideas and drawings As my weather station project continues to make progress, I need to think about a way to mount the pole for the sensors, to my garage. Looking at other people’s experiences with having such sensors placed outside, I found that it needs to be very strong to keep up with the continuous beating from mother nature. This […]

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