Remote and alarm for Velleman K8055

Started working on a new project.

This should, when it is finished, contain

  • Total remote control via build-in web server
  • Monitor for digital and analog inputs
  • Option for sms input notification/alarm
  • Email notification
  • Customizable names for all in and outputs
  • Templates for the html remote control
  • Password protection

Download: (2010/07/12)



  • Added save and restore configuration
  • Added text boxes for the analog outputs
  • Changed the start-up routine
  • Added option for custom port
  • Check permission for Web server


  • First working version
  • Added firewall handling
  • Added the api for the Velleman K8055 board
  • Added routines for the digital outputs
  • Only working on port 1002 (will be custom later)
  • Only for K8055 addr 0 (will be custom later)

To do

  • Configuration Save
  • Configuration Restore
  • Custom web server port
  • Password protection
  • Handle digital outputs
  • Handle analog outputs
  • Monitor digital inputs
  • Monitor analog inputs
  • Email notification based on analog and digital inputs
  • SMS api for notification based on analog and digital inputs
  • Map function for analog in- and out-puts


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  • very good app bld…keep on and don’t forget us…..

    • Working hard in this heat to get some progress done on this.

      New version might come up tomorrow, which will include save/load of configuration, custom server port, and maybe a completely new way of controlling all the in and outputs, along with a new layout.

      The multi threading also seems to be close to perfect now, and the Event log is also improved a bit, along with a lot of all small unnoticeable things.

      • hello,
        i am very interrested in this app to use my k8055 to contol a model train loop and automate some steps. will it be possible to program conditions for the outputs depending on the state of the inputs? like a pulse triggering a sequence of events in the outputs? sequencer is great but it does not implement such things. if your program does not handle such things, do you know one that does?

        thanks a lot,

        • Hello, the plan was that it should have been able to do that too, but after I got started working with arduino’s, I stopped making anything for the K8055, as it is too slow, too limited, and too expensive.

          Try having a look at arduino, you will find that it can do what you need, and a lot more, even without a computer controlling it.

  • Nice project, does it work with vista?

  • Love all the k8055 projects, do they work with win7 64

  • Hello, I have a Velleman k8055 and an old computer running Win XP SP3 which I have not used in many years. I remember the K8055 would write to a text file each time one of the inputs changed. That is about all I remember. I was wondering about connecting some burglar sensors to the inputs and if it would be possible to have the system send me an email each time an input changed state.

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