Filament pulley

After last batch of filament pulleys, I decided to try and use another technique to make the teeth.

So far I have just used a tap to make them, but the result of that is the teeth being a bit slanted.



This illustrate how the teeth got the same pitch as the tap used to make them.


Instead I used a mill to make the teeth instead, and the result is spectacular.

2013-05-20 15.13.01

As you can see here, the teeth are more clean looking than before, almost shiny too, and what is even better, they are perfectly straight.

If you still think “ah, they still aren’t perfectly straight” then the picture must be fooling your eyes. Measured over 100mm the lathe is 0.01mm out of alignment, this groove is about 4.4mm wide.

2013-05-20 18.15.34 (Large)

But what is different? The difference is that before all the teeth was all made in one go with the tool and pulley both spinning at the same time. With the new ones each tooth is milled on its own, then the pulley is rotated a bit before the next one is milled, and here is how that looks…


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