Electric Imp Weather Station final thoughts

In my last post I wrote a bit about my weather station project, and now the pcb is very close to be ready for the first batch to be made.

Last time the terminals for the relays were missing, but they are in now. I am not totally happy about the traces going from the relays and to the terminals yet, but it will definetly work. The relays I am going to use are rated 1A at 125V, but I am only going to rate the connections at 1A 24V. The reason for this is because I got absolutely no experience in how traces should be, and what creepage and clearance is needed for high voltage traces. My idea with the terminals is also only to control things. One of the things I am going to use one of the terminals for is control of my garage door. If you need to switch some high voltage or high current on and off, I instead suggest to use the relay terminals to control a more suited relay.


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