Hacking the Mi-Light 6W E27 bulb (Part 3)

Finally, after a lot of small adjustments, it looks like something I would use.

I still haven’t ordered the PCB’s, but I am pretty sure this is the design I will go with, and according to my paper model, it all fits too.


Drivers for the LED’s can be taken off the board which is getting replaced inside the bulb.

U$2 AP3211KTR-G1
D1 CDBFR0540
C2, C3 0805 10uf
R1, R2, R7 0805 10k
R8 0805 49.9k
R9 0805 16.3k


And last, some sauce so you can get some boards made if you want to. 🙂



  • Are those pins on the bottom part of the pcb the programming header? What is the pinout? How does the process of programming proceed do I need to press some button and stuff 😛 (because I use wemos d1 mini’s i don’t know how to do it on regular esp’s). Are you gonna do a blog post on how to use ESPEasy with them or something else?

    • There are no programming headers on this one, because of its size, I decided to just leave them out entirely, to flash it with the firmware of choice, you would have to solder some wires to the pins, flash it, then unsolder them again.

      I didn’t design this to be something easy to fiddle around with, my idea is to just flash it once, and then do the rest remotely.

      At some point I might make a blog post about how to do it all, but for now it is more advanced and will require a bit of knowledge or research to use.

  • This wont work my friend!

    Check the GPOIs and how you have to connect them for propper function – I quess thats why there is no final post of you 😀

    GPIO15 has to be GND.

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