Abusing crowdfunding, featuring Lafras Henning

The date was October 13 back in 2016, and I decided to put my faith in another crowd funding project.

This time I needed something to help me reflow PCB’s with smd components on, and on indiegogo I found the “ReflowR”, a campaign started by Lafras Henning. It seemed a bit unpolished, but he had it working already.

Now, almost one year later, most of the backers still haven’t received their product, which is very odd… First off, he had it working already, but ran into software problems, most updates on indiegogo tells about software problems. Well, problems like that can happen, at one time he also had supply problems where he had to wait for things to get in stock again.

Last update on indiegogo, 3 months ago was this.

Judging from all the comments since, paints a picture of Lafras no longer responding. Looking at his Google+ profile backs that up, since comments are now disabled on all his posts. So us who helped him get started on indiegogo, are now being silenced, and not given the product we helped him create.

Did the project fall apart? Is the ReflowR not working?

Judging by his Google+ posts, it is a product he is selling, and delivering just fine on tindie…

3 months silence, no updates, no replies to mails, disabled comments on his profile, not responding when getting tagged, but selling the product on another site, makes this look a lot like he just used our money to get the tindie stop started, without the intention of actually delivering to the people who helped him get started.


Before posting this, he was given another 48 hours to reply on mail, and I still got no response.


I hope this post will save you from wasting your money on a project from this creator in the future.



  • damn larfras henning. how you going to do people like that? running a funding campaign for reflowr just to get the money to run your tindie shop and ignore the ones who helped you get started. bad form.

  • Yeah, that’s why I started writing off crowdfunding. I’m fully aware that it’s always a gamble but you have to be extra careful. There’s good people that do it too, but good people run into problems they didn’t expect because of inexperience or exuberance. I can’t back things to line people’s pockets or to fund their hard-knocks education in the cost overruns or trials and tribulations in scaling up from prototype to production. Now, I only back projects & people that have a good track record.

    Sometimes people will still back things despite being explained in detail what the red flags are. It’s their money but I hate it when people throw money at obvious charlatans that hook people with lies.

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