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When companies get too big…

Almost a month ago I ordered an upgrade of my internet connection’s speed. My old speed was 90/90, and as you can see on the speed test, it delivered that without problems. What caused the problem, was when I got a letter from them, where they now offered 100/100, 250/250, and 500/500 megabit connections. Almost two months after I received […]

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Finding webcams

Axis cameras: /view/view.shtml axis  ‘google’ “adding live video to one of your own pages a very easy task with an AXIS 2100 Network Camera” ‘google’ “Live view – / – AXIS” ‘google’ “Your browser has JavaScript turned off.For the user interface to work effectively” ‘google’ indexFrame.html axis ‘google’ “Live web imaging unleashed” ‘google’ Canon cameras: sample/LvAppl/  ‘google’ MOBOTIX cameras: /control/userimage.html […]

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About the webcams

Driveway This is a analog 12V PAL camera with nightvision (more or less broken). To make the analog signal to a digital, I am using a Aviosys 9100A, which takes up to 4 analog cameras and streams them through it’s build-in web server. Frontdoor This is also a analog 12V PAL camera with nightvision. And to make the analog signal to […]

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IP-400 Standalone Security Surveillance IP Network Camera with Night Vision

Long ago i purchased two of these cameras… … but I had a problem. The problem was that the camera’s was set to a fixed IP which was And of curse that caused problems when I connected both to the same network, because they were fighting for the same IP. After some searching, I found QTools, a program that could get the camera’s […]

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VPN Connector

One thing I have missed for some time in Windows, is the option to automatically connect to a VPN, as soon as access to the internet is created. So to do that, I made my own little program. I call it “VPN Connector”, because all it does, is to activate the defined VPN connection. In this first picture, I am home and […]

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Fiber and networking

After years of cable spaghetti, I finally decided to clean it up a bit. 1.5 hour later, I had this. Along with my 50/50 Mbit fiber connection, I had to change to a more powerful router. To handle that, I picked pfSense and a VIA EDEN. Only problem was that it got a bit hot on full load, but that was easily solved […]

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