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I finally upgraded my Mozy account to unlimited, so now everything can go to the off-site backup. If you want backup too, you can use the following link, you will get 10% off, and I will get a bit for referring you too 🙂 Back up your data with Mozy and save 10%! Click the link below to sign up for Mozy […]

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VPN Connector

One thing I have missed for some time in Windows, is the option to automatically connect to a VPN, as soon as access to the internet is created. So to do that, I made my own little program. I call it “VPN Connector”, because all it does, is to activate the defined VPN connection. In this first picture, I am home and […]

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Fiber and networking

After years of cable spaghetti, I finally decided to clean it up a bit. 1.5 hour later, I had this. Along with my 50/50 Mbit fiber connection, I had to change to a more powerful router. To handle that, I picked pfSense and a VIA EDEN. Only problem was that it got a bit hot on full load, but that was easily solved […]

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After years of waiting, it is finally here! It all started out with a pole in my driveway, and a letter that once again told me that they were coming to dig it down… … they had already done that once, but that was over a year ago and nothing ever happend… … this time however, they did come and put the […]

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