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OLED + Electric Imp = <3

After reading this post I decided to try those displays myself too, and oh my do I like them! eBay:×64-OLED-LED-LCD-Display-Module-Blue-for-Arduino-/371010833249 To control the display you only need 3 wires. Power, GND and TX, so on the Imp it only takes up one pin. My first try to just make it show something, was pretty much the same as on the […]

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i2c controlled amplifier

I have for a while wanted to have some speakers out over my terrasse, and my surround receiver got multiple zones, but what if I want different volume levels? Timing could not have been much better, just a few days after I started looking around for small amplifiers I could mount a stepper to to control volume, or opto to […]

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Camille first version?

As always I have been a bit silent about progress on one of my projects, but I have been working! The first version of Camille had four relays, one mosfet output, and one optional mosfet output that could be changed between relay or mosfet. Those are gone… This version will have four relay outputs, one temperature sensor as before, and […]

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