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Filament pulley

After last batch of filament pulleys, I decided to try and use another technique to make the teeth. So far I have just used a tap to make them, but the result of that is the teeth being a bitĀ slanted. Old This illustrate how the teeth got the same pitch as the tap used to make them. New Instead I […]

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Rumba, my functions, and pins

A while ago I received my Rumba board which is going to control my MendelMax2, and not only is it a pretty nice little board, it also got some extra handy features. I have in other blog posts written about the functions I made to turn a fan on and off when the hotend got over a defined temperature or […]

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Cheap-O firmware configuration

This is a bit about how to set up and adjust the Marlin firmware to use my Cheap-O end stop sensor correctly. File: Configuration.h Pull-Up For my Cheap-O endstop you don’t need the internal pull-up that can be activated in the firmware. To disable the pull-up resistors you can comment them out like this But if you are using mechanical […]

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FETboard rev3

Connecting Now when these are getting into the hands of more and more people, it might be a good idea for me to actually write a bit on how to use it… On the far right side there is the 2×5 pin header for connecting it to the ramps AUX-2 port. These pins must beĀ solderedĀ on so they point down to […]

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Firmware feed tweaking

After seeing a lot of youtube video’s of printers moving at strange speeds (or what I see at strange speeds), I am trying to share my firmware configuration again again. šŸ™‚ First, what is sensible speeds? To me a sensible speed is when the machine (printer/lathe/mill/laser cutter/…..) is running at the set speed when doing a G01 move, and at […]

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