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Y Axis

I was working on the Y-Axis, but never really got pleased with the way the PLA bushings were. Instead I tried to make my own in aluminium. And they work pretty well, but I am still not 100% satisfied, but they will do for now… Or will they? My first thought was to just use them for some time, but […]

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Printer Power supply

For my 3D printer I needed a good power supply, but didn’t want to buy a new one to keep the expenses down. I tried multiple computer power supplies but they were all too smart and kept shutting down. Instead I remembered a good power supply I was using for the car radio I got in my garage. Specifications Model# Input Voltage Output […]

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RepRap software

To control the printer, I am using a Seeeduino Mega with Kliment’s version of the Tonokip firmware.   Designing the parts can be done in multiple programs like Google SketchUp (free), Autodesk Inventor, Blender (free), and other… The drawings can’t be printed right away, they first need to be saved as a .stl file, and then loaded into ex. RepSnapper

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Beginning of my RepRap project

I have for a long time been looking at those fancy 3D printers, but there were a lot of different variants, and also a lot of different prices. Prices from my point of view, goes from expensive to very expensive, depending on how much you can and will do on your own. 😉 The cheapest way would be to build […]

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