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PHP Notices

Generally I have made a little system to make it easy to send push messages to an iphone, or send emails. So far it is still in very early test (version 0.2), so there can still be many bugs in. What is it? The system can be used for many different things. Could be an arduino monitoring something where you […]

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iPhone and VPN with pfSense

pfSense Set up VPN Navigate to VPN -> PPTP -> Configuration Select Enable PPTP Server Server Address – Something you want to use for the server (I used Remote Address Range – “Pick a range of 16 addresses that are available on your network that is also evenly divisible by 16” i.e. Add users Navigate to VPN -> PPTP -> […]

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New lamps

I just received some new lamps for my hall. They got 3x 1W LED in each, and can light everything up. The light isn’t as bright as the halogen lights I had before, but they were 6x 50W too, where I only got 5x 3W now. The lamps are only $13.98 and can be found here:

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WHAT? Fitness? HELL NO!!! … that is what I would have said some years ago. The fact however, is that it probably would be good for me, and after Chrisser asked if I wanted to start with her, it was a bit hard to say not. Wasn’t easy to say yes either, but I did! The next question is, how much will we […]

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A little fun in Danish 🙂 Quantas er det australske luftfartsselskab. Efter hver flyvning udfylder piloten en fejlrapport, der overfor mekanikerne synliggør hvilke problemer, der har været med maskinen under flyvningen, som kræver reparation eller rettelse. Blanketten er et stykke papir, som piloten udfylder, og som mekanikerne derefter læser, hvorefter de retter op på problemet. De oplyser så skriftligt på blankettens nederste halvdel hvilke […]

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Spam, but why?

After looking over many of the spam comments I get, I really ask my self WHY??? Most of them makes no sense at all, it is just random characters with a dead url attached to them. I really don’t get it. It seems  like they are only made to irritate people instead of actually promote something, but with a full automated system […]

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